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Successful modernisation of the Vendôme-Montoire-sur-le-Loir freight line

The Vendôme-Montoire-sur-le-Loir freight line in the Loir-et-Cher region has regained its youthfulness. Following 3 months of rapidly executed works, the line has been authorised to continue its activity for a period of at least 30 years.



Consultation process

4 to 11 January 2016

Removal of safety infrastructure (signalling systems)

12 January to 23 April 2016

Works on train tracks and infrastructure (bridges, level crossings, etc.)

24 April to 29 April 2016

Re-installation of safety infrastructure (signalling systems)

2 May 2016

First freight train traffic on line

Maintaining the operation of a small line

Maintaining the operation of a small line

Opened in 1881, the Vendôme – Montoire line in 2013 required major upgrade works to be able to continue operating. Despite the high cost, there were two main reasons to undertake these renovation works:

  • Enable Axéréal (a major grains cooperative) to continue transporting grasses from its silo in Montoire-sur-le-Loir on this so-called ‘capillary’ line (a very small freight line connected to the national network);
  • Maintain the activity of the Tourist Train in the Loir Valley, which travels on this line several times per week, from May to October.

3 months of works

Following the approval of the project financing, the works were scheduled over a very short period of 3 months. In fact, the least active period during Axéréal’s business year is from January to April. This renovation project included the following works:

  • Renewal of the tracks and ballast;
  • Replacement of the railway sleepers;
  • Modernisation of 5 level crossings;
  • Renovation of the waterproofing and sealing of the viaduct over the Loir river;
  • Replacement of the metal deck of a railway bridge.

The completion of these works ensures the operation of this line for the next 30 years, and enables trains to travel at 30 km/hr.

Key Figures

  • 15 km of renovated lines
  • 100 m of renewed tracks
  • 8,000 railway sleepers replaced
  • 1,500 tonnes of ballast replaced
  • 2,000 joints upgraded
  • 4 million Euros

Trains instead of road transport

The modernisation of the Vendôme-Montoire-sur-le-Loir railway line is part of a real environmental focus. The operation of this line avoids the use of 4,000 polluting and noisy trucks, which are required by the Axéréal cooperative to transport 82,000 tonnes of grains every year.

To ensure the long-term future of the line, the main stakeholders decided to cooperate and negotiate a solution. This dialogue between the local economic players along with the users and developers of railway freight transport resulted in an agreement to finance the 4 million Euros of works necessary to ensure the long-term future of the line:

  • Axéréal: 30 %
  • Centre Val-de-Loire Region: 30 %
  • SNCF Réseau: 19 %
  • Loir-et-Cher Department: 16.5 %
  • Vallée du Loir Tourist Train (TTVL): 1.58 %
  • Pays de Vendôme Urban Community: 1.45 %
  • Vallées du Loir et Braye Urban Communities: 0.79 %
  • City of Vendôme: 0.68 %