Publiée le 26/10/2017 - Mise à jour le 07/03/2018
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2016 sustainable activity report

The 2016 Sustainable Activity Report provides an overview of the commitments undertaken by SNCF Réseau in relation to sustainable development. These commitments are illustrated through testimonials by key stakeholders and the presentation of emblematic achievements related to this important issue.
Responsible Business Report 2016

In 2016 the transformation of SNCF Réseau led to the achievement of maintenance, modernisation and development-related objectives, thanks to the 1,500 major railway projects conducted throughout France, especially during the night. Company staff demonstrated exceptional commitment and dedication to ensuring the safety of the French railway network, and to the continued improvement of service quality provided to all railway companies.

To support its strategic roadmap, SNCF Réseau has adopted a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy clearly focused on its stakeholders. You will able to discover all the aspects of this policy by reading through this document.